Platelet Rich Fibrin I-PRFRF

It is a revolution in modern regenerative medicine. It is a natural way to rejuvenate and reduce wrinkles. The platelet rich fibrin is a breakthrough in deep rejuvenation of the skin, based on growth factors and stem cells derived from the patient’s blood. Nutrients such as the aforementioned stem cells, collagen or elastin are the key to stimulation of skin cells, which in turn contributes to repair processes, self-healing and youthful appearance. Fibrin, like platelet rich plasma, is obtained from the patient’s blood through a centrifugation process, which is much slower in the case of fibrin. Thanks to this the preparation has different properties. It is the rate of blood centrifugation that causes the product to contain growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells and other types of cells that are not found in plasma. It is thanks to this that the regenerative effects, remodeling, skin rejuvenation is much better and last longer. The reconstruction, regeneration and repair of the skin take place due to stem cells. The concentrated formula of the treatment with the use of fibrin leads to the continuous release of growth factors immediately after the treatment and additionally provides access to the extracellular matrix proteins, such as fibrin, type IV collagen, and elastin. This is all to stimulate the growth of blood cells, which in turn gives the effect of rejuvenation, regeneration, increase in tension and increased skin density. The fibrin fiber mesh under the skin begins to push the underlying tissues in order to give a mild embossing effect, and due to the blood platelets retained between the fibrin fibers, the effect is long-term.The effect after the treatment with the use of platelet-rich fibrin;

The effects of the treatment:

The first effects are visible already about 2 weeks after the first procedure. The skin is regenerated, it becomes thicker, more elastic, better supplied with blood and moisturized.

  • skin rejuvenation
  • filling wrinkles – folds and sunken areas are filled
  • reduction of wrinkles and furrows
  • deep revitalization and regeneration of the skin;
  • the skin becomes thicker, more elastic, more supplied with blood and hydrated
  • removal of acne scars
  • removal of stretch marks
  • support of hair loss therapy

How does the procedure work?

Each treatment is preceded by a thorough consultation with a medical doctor. During such a meeting the doctor qualifies the patient for the procedure and determines the effect of the therapy. The platelet-rich fibrin treatments are performed with the use of disposable syringes equipped with very thin needles. However, before the proper procedure is performed, the physician must obtain the material – fibrin derived from the patient’s blood. For this purpose, he collects blood (classical blood collection from the vein), just before the planned surgery. He then places the blood tube in a dedicated medical centrifuge in order to separate the individual blood components. After a few minutes of centrifugation, the tube is removed and the needle mesotherapy treatment with platelet-rich fibrin is performed with the use of sterile needles. The right amount of the preparation is precisely injected by the doctor into specific treatment areas. Needle mesotherapy is characterized by a large number of punctures during the procedure – the more they are, the better for the overall effect of the therapy. The proper procedure takes from 15 to 30 minutes. The pain associated with the administration of the preparation is minimal – before the procedure the doctor adequately anesthetizes the treatment area, for this purpose he uses anesthetic ointment. After the treatment on the skin there may be visible some small bulges, the so-called “balls”, resembling a drop of water placed under the skin (depending on what technique the doctor will perform the procedure). Injection traces gradually disappear after a few hours (up to 1 day) and do not require home convalescence. For patients who have a tendency to bruise, we recommend treatment e.g. before the weekend. Immediately after the procedure, the patients can do makeup or cover the treatment areas, eg with glasses or a scarf. Before starting the treatment, your body must be in generally good physical condition. Colds or cold sores in the active state will be a contraindication for any type of surgery. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you will have to wait until the end of the lactation period.


Additional contraindications when using the platelet-rich fibrin include:

  • Skin which does not tolerate injections (very shallowly vascularized or susceptible to developing keloids)
  • Inflammation of the skin
  • Therapies with medicines that reduce blood coagulability
  • Blood diseases
  • Diabetes (not rebalanced)
  • Cancer

How often the procedure should be performed?

The essence of platelet-rich fibrin treatment is to perform the procedures in a series. Depending on the effects the Patient wants to achieve, skin condition and individual predispositions, the doctor will recommend the right number of procedures, usually 4 times in intervals of 2-4 weeks (depending on the indication and area of treatment). Having competed the series, the so-called reminiscent treatment should be performed in order to maintain the effects. Usually one treatment for 3 or 6 months.



Microneedle/Needle Mesotherapy with Platelet Rich Fibrin Dermafix

Consultation (deducted from the costs of the procedure) 100 zł
Face 650 zł
Neck 650 zł
Cleavage 750 zł
Eye areas 450 zł
Face + neck 1000 zł
Face + neck + cleavage 1200 zł

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.