Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is very important in the area of missing teeth and tissues replacement. It is used both in cases of complete tooth loss as well as significant tooth damage. Patients who decide to undergo this treatment can expect not only improved aesthetics of their smile, but also an improvement in the function of their dentition. Platinum takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by modern prosthetic treatment. In many cases, it is important how quickly we react to the problem, as timely introduced changes can prevent further damage. We conducted prosthetic procedures with the use of the best materials and equipment.
When it comes to types of available restorations, prosthetics offer a wide range of options. There are permanent restorations, i.e. ones that cannot be removed from the oral cavity, such as crowns and bridges, and removable restorations, such as acrylic, frame and combination dentures. We use methods that effectively remove obstacles that need to be overcome to enjoy a beautiful smile. Currently, many people struggle with cavities, which often mean serious difficulties in maintaining an aesthetic
effect. Many people don’t realize that tooth loss is also a medical problem that results in healthy teeth taking over the function of the missing elements, which puts additional stress on them. Our clinic is able to help every patient, even with the most challenging problems. In each case, we perform an assessment of the teeth to apply the form of treatment that will be most successful from the point of view of prosthetics and functionality. All patients receive care that is tailored to their needs as well as an effective treatment plan that will provide them with the best and most lasting results that can be achieved in their case.


Crowns belong to the category of permanent restorations. In most cases, they are fixed on the existing root of the tooth, provided that root canal treatment has been performed and a root- canal inlay has been used. Crowns protect and strengthen damaged or broken teeth. They constitute an alternative solution when restoration with composite is not possible. The undeniable benefit of their use is the chance to fully restore not only the correct shape and color of the patient’s teeth, but also their function. The patient receives a very durable prosthetic device that is also very pleasing in terms of its aesthetics.
We provide crowns made from a variety of materials. We offer:

  • porcelain crowns fixed on natural tooth pillars or a fiberglass inlay. The crowns are veneered with porcelain, which makes the metal parts invisible, thanks to which they provide an elegant and natural look of the teeth.
  • composite crowns are the most affordable version and are often used as a temporary component
  • highly cosmetic porcelain crowns on zirconia frames are characterized by great durability and are very pleasing in terms of aesthetics, because they have the most natural color.
    dentition They do not cause allergies, and the process of material and tissue
    assimilation is trouble-free
  • all-ceramic crowns in the CEREC system, in which a traditional impression is
    replaced with a 3D computer scan of the mouth, which makes the entire process shorter. The technician can design prostheses in a very precise way.


Prosthetic bridges belong to a group of fixed prostheses that use your existing, healthy teeth. The method can be used only when the patient has healthy teeth in front of and behind the defect. The method does not carry the risk of damaging other teeth and their tissues, as it does not cause any strain. Instead, there is a chance to restore the original masticatory function that was disrupted when the tooth was lost. Prosthetic bridges resemble real teeth in terms of their shape and color. Patients can enjoy a positive visual effect and, above all, comfort. Our Clinic offers 4 types of bridges made of different materials:

  • standard porcelain bridges – the most popular type, used in case of large defects
  • porcelain bridges on zirconia frames – a very durable bridge that resembles natural teeth Suitable for the reconstruction of anterior defects in the maxilla and mandible as
    well as defects in lateral segments
  • adhesive bridges – a unique type of bridge that can be used as a temporary option, for example to restore missing teeth after orthodontic treatment.

Prosthetic treatments using bridges are characterized by high strength and durability, which stems the use of high-quality materials that are resistant to mechanical or chemical damage. They are very resistant to stress caused by biting. They are not prone to distortion or discoloration for many years. The effect will last as long as patients stick to proper and complete oral hygiene. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning spaces surrounding the prosthetics.


Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that can be removed by the patient. They are mainly used in cases of complete edentulousness. It is also possible to use this method in patients suffering from partial tooth loss, but it is a less popular solution. Patients with dentures must remember to let their gums and delicate mucous membranes rest, so it is recommended that dentures be removed for the night. This type of prosthesis requires adaptation, which can take up to several months. In the initial phase, there may be discomfort because dentures feel different your own teeth. Removable dentures are not made for the whole life due to changes occurring in the oral cavity. It is reasonable to replace your denture every 5 years to maintain comfort and convenience of use.
There are two basic types of dentures available in our offices:

  • frame dantures – dentures with a metal framework that are used mainly in patients with extensive defects in whom a bridge cannot be used. Frame dentures are placed over the gums and membranes as well as the teeth. We offer dentures with continuous clasps that cover the teeth, which may be slightly visible during a full smile, and dentures with ceka-revax or bredent attachments, which provide a better aesthetic effect because the metal is not visible
  • acrylic – used both in the case of complete edentulousness and partial cavities. In the incomplete version, some healthy teeth are retained. Our clinic offers standard acrylic dentures on a soft base that protect against abrasion, as well as soft dentures in the Valplast system.