Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that is fully dedicated to the youngest patients. Children’s teeth are different from those of adults, which is why this speciality is so important. Awareness of oral hygiene and the need for regular visits to the dentist should be ingrained as early as during childhood, as they largely influence the condition of both deciduous teeth and, later on, permanent teeth. Issues addressed by paediatric dentistry include teething, treatment and control of deciduous teeth, as well as widely understood prevention – protection against caries, diagnosis of malocclusion. In our offices, the youngest patients may also count on a wide range of treatments, such as:

  • Dental fluoridation – a prophylactic procedure designed to strengthen and protect teeth against cavities and caries. The fluoride contained in the varnish is gradually released after application, which results in a long-lasting supply of the substance to the dental tissue.
  • Sealing – a treatment that involves filling in fissures and cavities using a liquid composite. Due to the fact that fissures are often located in places that are difficult to reach, it is important to perform this treatment as soon as possible to prevent food particles and bacteria from entering into the fissures. Sealing protects teeth against caries.
  • Adaptive visits – a great solution if you want your child to get to know the office and the future attending dentist. The decision to make such a visit helps the child reduce fear and anxiety associated with pain, and the dentists do their job when there is a problem with the child’s teeth.

In our offices, we place a lot of attention on children’s comfort during their visits. This is highly significant with regard to further cooperation. It also helps to eliminate pain and diseases faster. That is why we offer our young patients a painless form of anaesthesia administered as a gel. The administration of the product prevents the treatment from being associated with pain, while the method of application itself does not induce fear.
Our dentists are very patient when it comes to patients, making children of all ages feel comfortable and at ease in the clinic. Dental prevention for children is also an issue that parents should take care of. That is why, when visiting our clinic, they can receive answers to all questions and dispel any possible doubts.