Technological novelties are very helpful in dental treatment. They broaden possibilities and increase precision during procedures. To ensure that the services rendered by our clinic are of the highest quality, we decided to choose a diode laser, which has a wide range of applications, both in surgical and aesthetic treatments. The laser also makes it possible to conduct procedures almost without touching the patient and with utmost precision. In surgery, lasers are primarily used when a portion of tissue has to be extracted.
The diode laser can also be used in endodontics to remove bacteria from root canals. These areas are harder to reach and it is harder to eliminate bacteria with the use of standard methods. The laser operates on the basis of light radiation that acts on tissues. The diode laser can also be used to support scaling and curettage. Due to its bactericidal and inflammation- reducing properties, patients can be provided with greater comfort and doctors – with a precise tool that enables them to be more precise and more successful.


Laser biostimulation is a method used to accelerate wound healing and eliminate pain. The light produced by the laser causes stimulation of the immune system, which leads to an increase in antibodies as well as changes in cells. As a result, regeneration and renewal is faster and beneficial for the patient. The laser can be used to treat such ailments of the oral cavity as:

  • aphthae, herpes
  • wounds caused by tooth extraction
  • chronic bleeding
  • dentine hypersensitivity
  • trismus
  • Problems with eruption of teeth

Our doctors perform procedures based on the type of the condition. To this end, they determine the power of laser as well as the duration of exposure individually for every patient. Biostimulation is a treatment that takes several minutes and is completely pain-free. In some cases, such as chronic diseases or large wounds, it is necessary to repeat the irradiation. The doctor informs the patient about such a necessity. Biostimulation is not performed in pregnant and cancer patients as well as patients with hyperthyroidism or suffering from fever.

Laser therapy