Many patients often dread dental appointments which frequently results in postponing the visit, which has a negative impact on the condition of teeth. Modern dentistry deals with this problem by offering anesthesia that help patients go through even the toughest visits without pain. A visit to the dentist no longer has to end in discomfort and suffering of the patient. It is also a method that benefits the dentist’s freedom in work. Anaesthesia is recommended for difficult, lengthy dentist procedures like root canal treatment or tooth extraction. The duration of the anesthetic’s effect depends on the individual patient’s tolerance; however, it usually subsides up to two hours after a single application. Anaesthesia is available in our dentist’s offices:

  • topical anaesthesia – used most frequently because of the concentrated area of action. The topical anaesthesia is applied using a needle to the area around the tooth or teeth being treated. It eliminates pain while the patient remains conscious. Once treatment is complete, the patient can return to normal life.
  • General anaesthesia – the patient is unconscious during its administration. It is performed by the best in his profession anaesthesiologist, Maciej Garncarek, who understands the needs and fears of anxious patients, panicking about visiting the dentist.

Each type of anaesthesia is completely safe and selected according to the patient’s health status and needs. From now on, visits to the Clinic become a pure pleasure, and the beautiful smile of patients is the best showcase of our dentist’s offices.