Our Equipment

The highest level of services provided by our Clinic is our absolute priority. Along with the development of science and technology, we provide our cabinets with the latest equipment for better diagnostics and more effective therapies. Recently, our clinic has been equipped with a modern dental microscope from the German company KARL KAPS and the digital ApexLocator of the latest generation EndoPilot Comfort Plus from the German company Schlumbohm (used to develop and fill the tooth canals during endodontic treatment). We have a total of 8 offices.

Dental CT scanner Orthophos SL 3D

Orthophos CT3D is a camera with unprecedented versatility: from incredibly sharp pantomographic images due to DCS (direct conversion sensor) and Sharp Layer technology, ending with the freedom to choose the field of imaging in dental tomography (from ø5x5cm to ø11 x 10cm). The machine works under the control of the latest SIDEXIS 4 software, which is a modern work environment for every diagnostician. The widest range of pantomographic and cephalometric programs.

CT scanner Gendex GXCB-500 HD

Thanks to the GENDEX GXCB-500HD, we can offer you a conical tomography of mandible together with the sinuses, jaws and temporomandibular joints. All the functions needed, starting from implant planning (including bone formation) to the CAD / CAM option, start with a 3D scan. The GXCB-500 HD CT scanner provides physicians with valuable implant planning data, a three-dimensional “surgical view” that can be cut into intersections in any plane. This cone-beam radiographic system with medium-high field of view uses a high-resolution sensor that provides the flexibility to both scan 3D images in a wide range of formats as well as accurate panoramic 2D images. Thanks to the dedicated low-dose scanning mode and wide-field vision regulation, Gendex provides the user with a significant reduction in the radiation dose that patients receive.

System CAD/CAM CEREC – four consoles

CEREC is a unique, complete CAD/CAM system that provides aesthetic, all-ceramic reconstruction of teeth during a single visit. It is a revolution in the field of prosthetics and as the first in Wroclaw we offer our patients the use of this system. The CEREC system is used in procedures related to prosthetic reconstruction. We have at our disposal 4 Sirona intraoral scanners.

Unit A-dec 500 – 10 units

In our clinic we have 10 dental chairs. A-dec 500 is a dental chair designed for maximum patient comfort and excellent conditions for the dentist performing the procedure. The design of the dental chair A-dec 500 allows any setting (rotation up to 270°) of the doctor’s console, assistant console, operating lamp and spittoon valve relative to the chair and the patient. It is worth noting that the A-dec 500 has a Deluxe control panel, with which you can set the chair, dental lamp, spittoon features, tips, integrated accessories and other electrical devices. This dental equipment is a model of ergonomics, American technology and the highest quality materials.


Radiological laboratory

Our work is supported by the most modern computer imaging system DIGORA. It is a digital radiography with the highest technical parameters. The DIGORA system allows to minimize the dose of X-rays by 90%, which means that in place of one picture taken in traditional technology, we can do ten using DIGORY. The patient receives a very small dose of radiation and receives a digital photograph of unprecedented quality.

The system allows you to assess the bone density of the crestal bone, allows you to perform implant simulation, measure the actual length of the canals and has many other functions to raise the level of dental treatment carried out by our team.

Dental microscope – five microscopes

The dental microscope is an invaluable tool for the dentist to enable him to accurately and comprehensively diagnose and precisely carry out the process of treating dental diseases. The use of the microscope allows the physician to properly illuminate and enlarge the treatment area. The microscope allows you to obtain magnification from 4 to 20 times. Good visibility is the basis for proper dental treatment, and a strong enlargement of the field of vision is a guarantee of improving the accuracy of the doctor’s work. The use of large magnifications allows the physician to perform treatments that would not be possible without the use of a microscope. First of all, these are difficult cases of endodontic treatment. The use of a special microscope in both traditional and surgical endodontics and microsurgery (resection of roots, closing of internal and external perforations, removal of a broken tool from the root canal) gives new therapeutic options positively affecting the quality of performed procedures. We have 2 microscopes by Kaps and 3 Zeiss at our doctors’ disposal.


Endo Pilot Comfort Plus is the first device of this type combining: an endometer, an Endodontic micromotor, a gun for filling gutters with a warm gutta-percha and Plugger. The exact root canal length measurement takes place much faster than before due to modern and fast microprocessor technology. Quick signal analysis allows determining the length of the channel during treatment (in real time). Controlled speed and torque of the endo motor enable efficient and safe development of root canals. Backfill filling system with liquid gutta-percha is used for effective and accurate filling of three-dimensional, often irregular space of root canals. The key to the success of root canal treatment is not only the most modern equipment, but also perfectly prepared specialists in such a narrow field of dentistry as endodontics. In our clinic we have 4 endopilots.

Diode dental laser SIROLaser Blue Sirona

SIROLaser Blue – the world’s first dental laser equipped with a blue diode with a wavelength of 445 nm. Thanks to the blue diode, you can perform precise surgical procedures in non-contact mode. In 2014, Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura received the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing an efficient blue light emitting diode.

Laser biostimulation

In the case of biostimulation, the laser acts as an analgesic and supports proper healing. Low-power light stimulates the immune system, triggers many changes in cells that affect regeneration and renewal. Laser biostimulation treatments can be performed once if the condition is severe. Chronic diseases are treated for a long time, 1-5 days a week, in a series of several weeks. The irradiation doses are set individually to a given clinical picture. The average energy dose of the biostimulation treatment is 4-6 J / cm2 during 20-30s per point. Power 200 mW. Laser biostimulation increases the level of antibodies, which results in better healing and prevents the reemission of diseases.


MasterFlux – painless treatment of caries


The Master Flux device doses nitrous oxide, which is designed to calm and loosen the patient before and during the procedure. Thanks to the automatic flow control, the device is absolutely safe; no anesthesiologist is needed to operate. The Master Flux device is used to administer nitrous oxide. This gas has relaxing and calming properties, with a scant soporific effect. It does not cause muscle relaxation. Nitrous oxide does not dull the patient, allowing him to maintain full contact with him. It is worth emphasizing that the gas stops working very quickly after discontinuing administration, which makes it possible for the patient to drive a motor vehicle after the procedure.

HELIODENT – the latest generation RTG for endaural imaging – five machines

A modern and safe X-ray machine equipped with a high frequency generator. X-rays, thanks to the 0.4 mm focal point, are more sharp and contrasting. Heliodent PLUS is a useful diagnostic tool without which we cannot imagine everyday work.

Centrifuge Centurion PRO-PRP S

For the production of platelet rich plasma, we use the Centurion PRO-PRP S centrifuge, which is one of the most advanced centrifuges on the market. It is intended for acquiring PRP as well as A-PRF and I-PRF. Centurion PRO-PRP S has an induction motor and microprocessor control. The control panel has been equipped with a readable digital LED panel. The PULSE function allows you to quickly navigate the preparation by holding the appropriate button. The PRO-PRP S centrifuge is the highest quality workmanship, as evidenced by the 36-month warranty. We have 2 centrifuges in our clinic

VDW.GOLD – multi-functional endodontic micromotor with an endometer

One of the most necessary elements of equipment in each dental office are endometers that allow measuring the length of root canals. Thanks to this, they eliminate the need to take X-rays, which increases the patient’s safety. Thinking about our most demanding clients, we introduced to our offer professional, high-class equipment from renowned manufacturers such as NSK, VDW and Schlumbohm. Each of them guarantees comfort of use and clear and readable results of measurements, which facilitates the treatment.


Assistina for disinfection

Safety and hygiene is the key!

There are patients who, through their bad experience, want to be sure that besides all technical aspects of the treatments, they are safe. They know – because they once experienced unpleasant situations related to the lack of PERFECT hygiene at work, how important this aspect can sometimes be overlooked by some people. With us, there are no half-measures! The safety of patients as well as medical personnel requires knowledge and responsibility. We are responsible at every level, that’s why we use preparations, equipment and training of the best companies specializing in topics.

PRF Duo Quattro Centrifuge

Centrifuge PRF Duo Quattro is the latest device of this type, and together with innovative test tubes is a new system to obtain fibrin, with unique properties. The centrifuge PRF Duo Quattro was developed by dr J. Choukroun, an explorer of the method for obtaining and using PRF factors for tissue regeneration. The Duo Quattro centrifuge is an innovative device that gives new opportunities to obtain two fractions of platelet-rich fibrin – A-PRF and the newly discovered i-PRF fraction. In the procedure used in the PRF Duo Quattro centrifuge, there is no need to add other chemical components – coagulants or anticoagulants – to obtain the right blood fractions.


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