The Platinum Clinic was established over 21 years ago. Its main focus has always been on patient care and health. In accordance with this principle, modern equipment and technology are used during dentist procedures and treatment to ensure that the medical services are provided at the highest level. Our specialists regularly participate in training, which results in an increase in the number of medical services. There is a focus on a holistic approach to patients. Physicians cooperate with each other, share their knowledge and experience to select the best method of treatment and thus achieve the desired effect. Patients never leave dentist’s offices without comprehensive care. The Clinic, with its medical staff and personalised approach to patients, has a wide range of patients who return to it with confidence and without fear.

The Clinic has three branches in Wroclaw – ul. Zwycięska 43, ul. Energetyczna 10A and ul. Książęcia Witolda 49. All of them have been equipped with professional dental units, as well as CT scanners for sharp pantographic imaging or a radiology laboratory. A large number of modern equipment helps provide fast and effective help to patients in pain and those who are not keen on visiting the dentist. Treatment plans are selected on an individual basis so that patients can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile regardless of the problem they are experiencing. Nothing is impossible for the Platinum Clinic, as hundreds of patients have already recognised!

The Platinum Clinic is committed to safety in every aspect, which is why the facility has been equipped with air disinfection systems to protect patients from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Sterility comparable to that in hospitals or operating rooms is maintained in and outside the dentist’s offices. You can feel safe!